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Easy polar bear finger puppet

Make this super easy polar bear finger puppet paper craft. She’s a cute little momma bear! There is a free printable with this project to just cut out and stick if you are short on time and or supplies ❄❄

polar bear finger puppet

You will need:

  • Black Card
  • White Paper
  • Blue/Purple paper
  • Scissors
  • Black Pen
  • Glue Stick
  • A responsible adult to cut out the finger holes (Try and get them before they have had a cocktail)

I love this little polar bear finger puppet. Do you remember care bears from the first time around. I loved those guys up there in their little cloud world. I recall my folks getting me a fluffy love a lot bear one Christmas. Well this handsome fella has descended from the clouds to an icier Arctic but has kept the care bear love alive. Super easy paper craft to make with the kids. You probably have the materials under a bed somewhere, if not there is a free printable right here…

  • Cut out 2 bear shapes, the black shape should be slightly larger than the white one.
  • Using a glue stick, paste the white shape on top of the black one, making sure it is placed centrally.
  • Take a pencil and sketch in some arms and finger holes.
  • Cut out a heart shape and stick it to the middle of the bear’s chest.. awww.
  • Cut out a large circle in the same colour and stick that to the middle of his head.
  • Cut out a black oval shape a bit smaller than the face circle. Stick this nose piece on the face.
  • Cut out 2 tiny circles, I used a hole punch to create the eyes. Using a glue stick place them just above the nose, as pictured.
  • Cut 2 more tiny circles, this time trim a little from the bottom so that it’s flat and glue in the ears.
  • With a black marker make a line over the arm sketch lines.
  • Draw in the other arm and also a line down from the muzzle to make a mouth.
  • To finish off, if you haven’t already. get an adult to cut out the finger holes.
  • Now you can take your bear for a stroll…. ⛸
polar bear finger puppet

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