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Dressed for snow toilet roll penguin craft

Winter conjurs up so many things. Hats, scarves, cold, snow, fire, dark nights. The first thing I think of is winter creatures. Of course Penguins are around all the year long but they are most associated with snow and cold arctic climates. I’m not sure a depiction of any other creature looks so cute in hats and ear muffs. Make this adorable toilet roll penguin craft. I’ve added a free printable to make it even easier.

penguin toilet roll craft

I decided to make a little family / group of friends that can hang out together throughout the frosty months.

You will need:

  • 3 x Toilet roll cardboard tubes
  • Black Paper
  • White paper
  • Pink & Orange Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White Chalk Pen
  • A hole punch – not essential.
  • All penguins are not equal so I chopped an inch from the top of one of the rolls and then wrapped all three in black paper, securing with glue.
  • Cut out three white shapes that will form the face and chest of the penguins.
  • Using a hole punch I punched out some black eyes and pink cheeks and a white bobble for one of the hats.
  • Using the free printable template cut out the nose, hat, scarf, feet and arm pieces.
  • Finish assembling the penguins. The video will help.
  • Now all that’s left is to shake up that white chalk marker pen and add in those little feathery details.

Follow these images as a guide to assembling the bobble hat penguin: It’s amazing how quickly this one came together. Using the chalk pen to add a little detail to the wings/arms? and bobble hat really makes all the difference.

and the King penguin: I think this king penguin is actually a queen or somewhere in between, she’s pretty anyway! With just a little white face and again using the white pen for some feather detail – sooper cute!

and the playful young penguin: Awwww… I know right, look at this little one wrapped up in a scarf with fluffy pom-pom ear muffs on. My partner said that when I presented this one to the household I made my ‘This is so cute, I might cry’ face on.

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