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21 Spooky Halloween Kids Crafts

This countdown to Halloween post starts with a spookily cute ghost paper garland. If your joining me for the ride I’ll be adding a new ghoulish craft every day until my favourite twenty one tutorials are loaded. I really love all the horror that the last day of October conjures but I can’t help but 100% fall for cute ghosts, goofy vampires and monsters that are adorable.

1. Ghost paper garland with free printable.

Halloween Ghost Garland

Ghosts are really spooky, I definitely don’t want to see one – thank you very much! It’s weird though because my absolute instinct when it comes to a craft ghost is to make them kind of funny and cuddly. These little spooks are just fooling around, having a giggle and frightening not a soul. I’ve made a free printable of this ghost paper garland that you can cut out to use as a template or stick to a piece of string and use as is.

cute ghost paper craft
cute ghost paper craft
spooky boo sign
spooky paper sign
ghost paper garland craft

2. Halloween scary face paper lanterns with free printable.

Halloween Paper Lanterns

I was kind of going with cute scary face lanterns with this one. I’m not sure they are as cute as I was hoping but am delighted with the result. My kitchen looked absolutely haunted and had a delicious colourful glow when I put down the lights. These are easy to make and you can draw your own designs and make a bunch of them in five minutes. If you are looking for the effects without the effort there is a free printable of these three designs. All you need to do is take some coloured paper. I used Yellow, Orange and Pink. Draw a spooky face with black pen then using tape bend the paper into a tube and stick. it’s really nice to chop some shapes and spikes into the top to finish them off. Put some tea lights inside and switch off the main lights….Spooky!

Halloween Paper Lanterns
Halloween Paper Lanterns
Halloween Paper Lanterns
Halloween Paper Lanterns
Halloween Paper Lanterns

3. Allsorts monster cake decorations.

monster cupcakes

I promised my Niece that I would make her some monster cupcakes and true to my word I whipped these up. I was rushing to get a train so unlike me but out of necessity I bought a pack of chocolate chip muffins and ready made butter icing (We all have to cheat sometimes – please don’t judge πŸ˜‰) I also grabbed a pack of Bassett’s liquorice allsorts, some strawberry laces and some jelly beans to decorate. The allsorts already look like weird monster eyes and can be cut up. I really like using the laces as stitched mouths and the jelly beans as teeth but the kids will love playing around with these! All you need to do is mix some horrific food colour in with the butter icing, spread it evenly over the cakes and get crafty. That is a tasty little monster right there.

4. Dancing Skeleton paper craft

Skeletons are a Halloween staple. This one was supposed to be cute but his little skull does look a bit tortured! Anyway, he is really simple to make and just ties together with push clips so that you can move the limbs and make him dance. I’ve been to enough Halloween parties for both kids and adults where there is usually at least one human sized dancing skeleton.. I hope you enjoy making this one. There is a template here for you to print off and cut out. All you need are the butterfly fasteners or some rivets.


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