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Super cute ladybird paper plate craft

Call them what you will ladybirds or ladybugs. I grew up with ladybirds and always thought ladybug is what they were called across the pond. I was wrong, they are also commonly known as ladybugs here which kind of makes more sense. Anyway join me in making this super cute ladybird paper plate craft. It’s easy, fun and you really won’t need to go and buy a load of stuff to do it.

Ladybird paper plate craft

Ever since the Halloween where I used eyelash glue to stick hundreds of tiny eyes all over my face I’ve had so many left over. This is the first tutorial I’m doing with those googly eyes. I’m sure there will be many more.

You will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Red & Black paint or colouring pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Black and white paper
  • Googly eyes
  • White Chalk Pen
  • If you want to make all these bugs you are going to need six paper plates.
  • Paint four of them red and the other two black.
  • Hang them out to dry. I just pegged mine to the garden trellis – it’s where ladybirds like to hang in my garden so it seemed apt.
  • When they are fully dried we can start our project.
  • First we are going to make the regular bugs with black and white spots.
  • Take two of the red plates. Cut two circles from black card and stick one to the back of each paper plate.
  • Leave about half of the circle poking up to make the face.
  • Cut a couple of strips of red card and attach them to the top of the face. Our ladybird needs antennae to feel her way around.
  • Cut six pieces of curved black card and attach three to each side of the red plate to make the legs.
  • No ladybird craft would be complete without the cutting out of many dots. They wouldn’t be the cutest bugs in the world if it weren’t for those spots. You can cut them with scissors, use a craft punch or maybe you have some stickers around the house.
  • Add white spots to one of the paper plates and black dots to the other.
  • Adorable! Now glue a couple of those googly eyes in place and take the bugs outside to play.
  • The next one is my absolute favourite. I love it when ladybirds do their little hum as they are about to take flight and you start to see their wings open.
  • Take a black paper plate and draw white lines across it. I used a chalk pen but you could use paint or cut thin strips of white paper.
  • Take a red plate and cut it in half to create two wings.
  • Attach each wing with glue to the top of the black plate. The wings should meet up at the top and fan out a couple of inches at the bottom.
  • Add a circle piece at the back for the face.
  • Give this lady some antennae and eyes so she can find her way around the garden.
  • Add some white spots to each wing. Isn’t she gorgeous!
  • It occurred to me that I’ve never actually seen a ladybird in profile but I guess given their tiny stature that would be quite a unique perspective. I have created it in paper plate craft form though…. obviously.
  • Take a black plate and cut it in half.
  • Take a red plate and cut that in half too.
  • Cut away a third of the red plate as pictured. Glue the red plate on top of the black plate. This gives a cute little red bug with a black face.
  • Attach a single antennae and googly eye and add black spots.
  • That is quite a family of paper plate ladybirds we’ve created together.

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