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Kids Rainbow heart necklace paper craft

Make this super cute kids heart rainbow necklace paper craft. It’s really simple and I guarantee you’ve probably got all the things you need to make it under the kids beds!

kids rainbow heart necklace paper craft

This is such an easy project and you probably won’t have to go shopping to make it either. It’s a heart sandwich in many ways. A piece of string stuck between two paper hearts. I love this craft for sleepovers and birthday gatherings.

You will need:

  • Multicoloured card
  • Scissors / heart paper punch
  • String
  • Glue stick
paper heart rainbow necklace

Cut out heart shapes of equal size from 6 or 7 different coloured cards. You need to cut two in each colour and lay them out like this.

paper heart rainbow necklace

Then add glue to one row of the hearts and lay a long piece of string across the middle of them.

paper heart rainbow necklace

Place the matching heart on top of each. Now just carefully and firmly press the hearts together so that the two hearts become one with the string glued in position.

paper heart rainbow necklace

Now all you have to do is tie it off at the end. I’d leave it long enough so that it slips over your head. It’s cute isn’t it. 🌈😍 Heart rainbow necklace craft is a kids dream project.

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