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Easy sloth paper craft art with printable template

Make this cute and easy sloth paper craft art with the kids. Download the free printable template.

Sloth Craft

Sloths are just adorable, I love them so much. They are so lazy and super chill that you just want some of that to rub off. Is there another creature on this planet that looks like it’s wearing Ray Ban’s naturally?

You will need:

  • The free printable template for this project
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Multi coloured card or paper A4 size

I usually do an image based step by step for these kinds of tutorials but I thought i’d mix it up a little and do a cute little stop motion film instead. I’m going to go ahead and list the instructions but you can watch the film, it’s a minute or so long. I hope you enjoy it. 😍

Let’s hang out:

  • The blue sheet of A4 is the main background for this project.
  • Cut out the green blades of grass to form a square scene with the blue sky with the grass glued in place.
  • The scene is almost set, loosely glue the green branch in place at either end.

Enter the sloth and her little baby 💜💛

  • The sloths body needs to be loosely stuck in place atop the branch she is hanging out on.
  • The big leg pieces need to be stuck in place at her butt end and just behind her neck.
  • Glue in place the other two legs. They come from beneath her body and down behind the tree.
  • Now you have the legs in position, the tree and her body can be stuck down more firmly.
sloth and baby sloth paper craft art

Let’s give her a smile 😊

  • Cut out all the printable pieces for her face.
  • Stick down the rounded white heart face piece.
  • Add the blues of the eye sockets making sure they are slanting up a little.
  • Glue in place the black circles for her eyes.
  • Attach the blue nose and mouth.
  • Give her some little circular pink cheeks

Baby Sloth 👶

To make the baby sloth follow the instructions above. She is the image of her mother just a little tiny version so you may find her a little bit fiddlier. I hope you enjoy making this sloth paper craft and enjoy looking at it on the kids bedroom wall for a while.

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kids sloth paper crafts printable template
kids sloth paper craft printable template
kids sloth paper craft printable template

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