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Cat face bunting project with free template

Cats, Cats, Cats… Is there anyone who doesn’t love them. Make this kids cat face bunting project, every time you look at it there will be guaranteed smiles.

Cat face bunting

You will need:

  • Various coloured sheets of card.
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • String
  • Sellotape
  • Start by cutting out this cat shape from card. You can get the free template here. Cut out as many as you need to string up and using different coloured cards.
  • To create a little symmetry I kept the cats ears, eyes and noses the same colour but that’s just me.
  • Cut out the inner ear shapes a little small than the ear itself and glue them in place.
  • If you’ve followed any of my other projects you’ll know that I am obsessed with using craft paper punches. I have a heart one that I used here to create the cute little nose piece. You can do that with scissors – just saying – craft punches are amazing.
  • For the tiny blinky eyes I just cut a thin sliver of card in an arc shape and glued them in place. This is exactly what cats do when you rub them behind the ears and they get all adorable on you.
  • To make the mouth just get a thick pen and draw a ‘W’ with an extended centre, cut round it and you have a mouth you can use the reverse side of or use as a template for all the other cats.
  • Glue the mouth in place.
  • Looking like the cats whiskers already – I know! But we do need to add the whiskers.
  • Simply cut six strips of card three inches long and a quarter of an inch wide and stick them onto the face. Three each side.
  • Cats have these cute little freckles by their whiskers. To add those just punch out a bunch of circles using a regular hole punch. You can attach four freckles each side between the whiskers and the nose.
  • This little puddy cat is literally so sweet I could eat it!
  • It’s time to make friends and get creative with your colour palette.
  • My bunting was only two meters long so I made six cats and four fish for my cat face bunting.
  • To make the fish, draw out a shape your happy with or grab the free template. Cut out as many as you need.
  • Grab a length of string or ribbon, whatever you have and lay it out.
  • Using tape attach the cats and fish on the back to the string.
  • These are great for a kids room. I’ve donated this one to a feline fanatic friend to hang in her kitchen.

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Cat face bunting
Cat face bunting
Cat face bunting
Cat face bunting
Cat face bunting

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