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Quick and easy clothes peg plant pot

Make this super easy and quick clothes peg plant pot. I made one because I just smashed a plant pot when I was cleaning a shelf and needed a new pot fast.

Clothes peg plant pot

You can make this plant pot really easily and use paint colours that compliment the room you want it to sit in. I used a palette of colours that really fit in with my kitchen, which is all wood and natural. It took about fifteen minutes to make this project plus drying time. It looks really cute on my window sill amongst all the other mixed handmade and shop bought ceramic pots.

You will need:

  • A bunch of wooden clothes pegs. These are from the pound shop / dollar store.
  • A small food tin such as a tuna can.
  • Some paints and a paint brush
  • A pretty little plant to put inside when you are done 🌷
Can and clothes peg

Let’s make a start. Take your empty can and make sure it’s all cleaned up nicely.

Pin the first peg onto the side of the can. You’ll want to line them up evenly. I just pinched so the edge of the can was sitting in the peg’s little indent.

clothes peg plant pot

Continue to pin pegs all the way around the can, fitting them as tightly together as you can.

You’ll be surprised at how many pegs you actually have to use. It’s very simple isn’t it? Now all you have to do is get creative with you’re painting.

painted clothes peg plant pot

You can paint the entire pegs one by one so there is no natural wood showing. I like seeing the natural peg poking through though.

So I just opted for painting the outside face of the pegs. I chose colours that really suit my home and I had left over paints from decorating that were perfect for this project.

clothes peg plant pot

I had a really cute plant, it’s a Christmas Cactus I think! My point is that it now has a home. The plant is always the star of the show but this pot is adorable too.

I had the paint and a can in my recycling so I made this for a quid. one whole dollar! And I have enough pegs left for another project -Amazing 💛

Enjoy your clothes peg plant pot.

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