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Wizard of Oz cardboard roll craft

Oh my! Yes, Dorothy is back with this Wizard of Oz cardboard roll craft. So easy and fun to make you’ll be tapping your heels together so you can get crafting. 🌈

Wizard of Oz Cardboard Roll craft

You will need:

  • 4 cardboard rolls
  • A selection of coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch – not essential
  • Let’s make this adorable cowardly lion.
  • Wrap the cardboard tube all the way around with a sheet of yellow paper. Glue it in place.
  • You can copy this design for the lion’s mane. On orange paper. Draw out a rough shape with two rounded ears.
  • Cut the outline, then cut the face out of the middle.
  • Draw a face shape in yellow paper that will fit behind the mane, glue it in place.
  • Add a cute face. Punch 3 black circles with a hole punch, cut 1 larger white circle and 2 x pink circles.
  • Glue everything in place as pictured below.
  • Using a black pen add eyebrow and mouth details.
  • Stick the face piece to the cardboard roll.
  • Cut a little pink oval and stick this to the belly of your lion.
  • This cutie needs a tail. Cut a thin strip of orange paper and attach it to the back of the roll. Add a small pink flame shape to the top… ROAR!!
  • Let’s make the tin man and find him a heart 💙
  • Cut a piece of blue paper that covers the entire cardboard roll and stick it down.
  • Take a piece of aluminium foil 2/3 way up and glue that in place.
  • Cut out a small heart shape from red paper and attach it to the tin man’s chest.
  • Next I cut a shape that looked like a kitchen funnel and stick it at the top of the roll, upside down.
  • Using a hole punch, punch some blue buttons and glue them down his tin foil outfit.
  • Then punch some eyes and cheeks from black and pink paper.
  • Cut a long thin nose from purple card and glue all these pieces in place as pictured below.
  • Add a mouth and some brows…. He’s so happy to have a heart.
  • Let’s complete the set of Dorothy’s unlikely friends with the scatterbrained scarecrow.
  • Cover the entire cardboard roll with green paper and stick it down.
  • Then add a pink piece, all the way around about half the length of the roll.
  • Copy the shape pictured in blue paper to make a jacket and cut it out.
  • Add a yellow belt and buckle and wrap the jacket around the roll, securing it with glue.
  • Cut a hair shape to create a face and make a floppy hat with green paper.
  • Glue these together and stick a strip of yellow paper across the hat to make a band.
  • I added a little red flower detail to the hat.
  • Stamp out two black circle and a red circle to make the eyes and nose and add a little mouth.
  • Bless him – He does look like he hasn’t got a care in the world.
  • Who helped these guys find their courage, heart and brains – well Dorothy of course!
  • Cover one end of the cardboard roll in pink paper, wrap it around and stick it down.
  • Wrap the other end with blue paper, enough so that it covers the bottom 2/3 of the roll.
  • Add a little band of red around the bottom and stick in place.
  • I didn’t have any glitter card or red glitter so I painted some glitter glue over the red band.
  • Out of light blue paper cut a little apron shape and secure around the middle of the roll.
  • I cut this little hair shape with plaits, cut it out and added some little red bows.
  • I did this in black paper, but brown may work better if you have some available.
  • Stick her hair in place and add some little eyes and a mouth.
  • We’re off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz…..
  • Go crazy, build a yellow brick road or an Emerald city backdrop and send me your pics 👠🌈

Wizard of Oz treats I love:

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Wizard of Oz Cardboard Roll craft
Wizard of Oz Cardboard Roll craft
Wizard of Oz Cardboard Roll craft

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Wizard of Oz Cardboard Roll craft
Wizard of Oz Cardboard Roll craft

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