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Fun and easy paper craft kids party hat

Make this fun and easy paper craft kids party hat. A quick project to do with your kids to help build the excitement about their upcoming party. It’ll keep them busy for a bit while you make the cakes!

fun and easy kids paper circus party hats

Party hats are such a wonderful tradition. There is nothing quite like handmade one’s. I know we are all so busy with life and sometimes it’s just so easy to order something online. I know you are here though because you are crafty. For us crafty types every occasion is an opportunity to express ourselves and have a little making time.

This tutorial is so much fun and is super easy. Aside from the pom poms you probably already have everything you need.

You will need:

  • Assorted Card Colours A4 size
  • Clear Sticky Tape
  • Elastic / String
  • Assorted Pompoms
  • Superglue
  • Scissors

We just need to make a simple cone from the card in a variety of colours. I’m really inspired by the energy and vitality of the circus. So these hats are decorated with stripes and bold circles. You may want to use hearts, stars, strips of tissue paper or just let the kids lose with paint and glitter. 🌈

  • To make the cone, measure the length of an A4 sheet and mark the halfway point.
  • Attach a piece of string to a pencil.
  • Hold the loose end of the string at the halfway mark and the pencil at the paper’s edge.
  • Keeping the string taught draw a semi circle around to the opposite edge.
  • Cut out this semi circle shape.
  • Roll the shape into a cone, using a little tape to secure it when you have the right cone shape.
  • Repeat this for as many party hats as you want to make.
  • Use the card scraps to cut out a load of small circles.
  • Glue the circles on the hats.
  • On half of the hats I wanted stripes so decided to use paint.
  • Paint a rough line from the point of the cone to the base.
  • I like how these party hats look a bit like circus big tops 🎪

I already had some pom poms left over from another project. Using superglue you can just stick them to the top of the hat. If you need to make some pompoms why not have a look at my tutorial on how to make a bunch of them really quickly.

Attach a little string or elastic to the inside of each hat with tape so the kids can enjoy wearing them all day!

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fun and easy kids paper circus party hats
fun and easy kids paper circus party hats
fun and easy kids paper circus party hats

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