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Last minute gift wrap ideas to make in 5 minutes

5 easy handmade gift wrap ideas for when you've forgotten to buy gift wrap or would like to make something more original to wrap your presents to make them extra special.

Last minute gift wrap ideas to make in 5 minutes. For when you forgot the birthday or simply forgot the gift wrap!

last minute gift wrap ideas

We’ve all been in that situation when you are about to go to a celebration event. Your hair is done, you look good. The gift was bought weeks ago, right? But there is no gift wrap in sight. Aggghhhhh, nightmare. Read this post and you will never have to worry again. Almost everyone has white printer paper and a few coloured sheets around. The kids definitely have. All of these gift wrap ideas assume you have stuff and can use a pair of scissors. Bonus, they all take less than 5 minutes and look exquisite. 💛

last minute gift wrap ideas

You will need:

  • White A4 printer paper
  • Coloured A4 Paper, you could use magazine pages if not.
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or any kind of tape( it’s an emergency)
last minute gift wrap ideas

All these gifts are covered with white printer paper. To make this one look beautiful, I added a big bow of yellow twirls. It makes quite a statement. You can make this with a single sheet of A4 paper and some simple scissor cuts.

  • Fold a piece of A4 Paper in half.
  • Draw a line 2.5cm from the fold.
  • Keeping it folded cut 1cm strips, stopping at the line.
  • Open up the sheet and lay it flat.
  • Using the blade of the knife, hold the first strip at the line and drag the blade along so the paper curls.
  • Repeat this step along all the strips.
  • Fold the sheet back in half.
  • Then tuck one end of the sheet into the fold of the other and secure it with tape.
  • You can now attach this bottom tab to the top of your gift.
  • The curls are tightly bunched together so tease some out until you have a pleasing bow.
last minute gift wrap ideas

This is a small gift with a simple decor that works brilliantly. Take three contrasting colours of paper. Using a hole punch, make some tiny dots. Glue them at intervals all over the plain paper wrap. It takes minutes but is beautiful.

last minute gift wrap ideas

Using paper to make a basket weave design is a quick and easy way to dress up a gift. Your friends and family will assume that this took you ages. The only problem with this design is that they may not want to open their gift and ruin the wrap.

  • Take 6 strips of coloured paper.
  • Wrap 3 strips around one side of the gift, securing on the back.
  • Take each of the last 3 strips and weave them through along the other side of the gift. Again, attaching at the back.

easy last minute gift wrap ideas

I know, this bow is perfect. It’ll work for any gift but I particularly like it for long gifts such as jewellery or watch boxes. You won’t believe how easy this is to make. 💗

  • The bow consists of three pieces. The bow itself, the ribbon and the ring for the centre of the bow.
  • It works best if it symmetrical, so I like to fold a paper sheet twice and work from the corner.
  • That way you draw out a quarter of the design and it’s perfect when you unfold it.
  • Starting with the ribbon, follow the steps in the images below.
  • Now you have the ribbon and bow piece, we can start assembling the bow.
  • Bend in one side of the bow, without creasing it, and attach it to the centre with glue.
  • Do the same to the other side.
  • Take a small strip of paper and loop it around the centre, attaching at the back.
  • The bow if complete, just stick it centrally atop the ribbon piece. Easy huh?
  • I added a band of contrasting colour to my gift before attaching this bow.
last minute gift wrap ideas

This is a really simple idea. Taking two contrasting colours. Use a thick band of one colour. Wrap it around the gift and attach at the rear. Take the second colour in a much smaller strip and wrap it around on top of the other piece.

I made a matching bow here. I don’t have a tutorial on making this bow but it is super easy. if you’d like to make one check out Woo Jr.

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last minute gift wrap ideas
last minute gift wrap ideas
last minute gift wrap ideas

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