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Owl Family Tree

I came up with the idea for this lovely project because I was talking to a friend about doing a family tree and instead of saying “our family tree” I stumbled over my words, as I often do, and said “owl family tree”. Not all families are made equal, some have loads of kids, some have loads of cats. This one is based on two parents, one kid and a pet dog.

It is quite a lot of paper cutting so I’d recommend it as a project for adults as it is time consuming and fiddly but worth it. If it is something you want to do with the kids or not devote too much time to I have made a printable version of the tree and the animal family which you can just cut out easily with scissors and glue together.

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You will need:

  • A variety of coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • To get started take a sheet of A4 paper and draw a big tree shape on it, just the leafy bit. Cut around that.
  • Then we need to create a trunk and some branches for our owly family members to perch on. Draw out a shape that will fit all your family members on, cut it out and glue it in place.

Now it’s time to make the little owls. Use whatever colours you like or have to hand. If it seems too much grab your free printable which has them already made up and ready to just cut out.

  • You can trace all these parts and cut them out, it’ll take some time but the finished result is so cute.
  • Glue the heart-shaped face to the owls head and assemble the eyes.
  • Stick the eyes in place ensuring you leave room for the beak in between.
  • Now you have the beak in place, attach the head to the body.
  • The wings need to be glued to the sides of the owls belly.
  • Attach the claws so your birds don’t fall off of their branches.
  • Stick the little feather details onto the chest.

Just repeat the process with different colours, you can really give your owls some personality here and have them looking quite like your family members.

Stick them on their perches with their claws holding onto the branches.

A lot of families have pets and i’m a big dog lover. This little pooch is adorable and you can either trace the parts and cut them out but he’s also available ready made in the free printable.

  • When you have all your parts cut out, get this pooch under control with a collar.
  • This cutie has spots on his face and body so glue those into place.
  • Assemble his nose and stick that down – he’s already looking like a keeper!
  • Especially once you attach those long floppy ears.
  • All that’s left is to add some eyes and I’ve gone all out and given him eyebrows – if you are a dog person you’ve had those raised at you in sometimes quizzical ways and other times raised in such a way that you are just not sure what you did wrong but know that you should be ashamed of yourself – dogs huh? 💙
  • To finish off the project you can add some extra details. I put a pink love heart at the top between the parents getting together.
  • You could also add a little sign with your family name or go with ‘Owl Family’ if you like.
  • Finally cut out a heart shape to go at the end of each branch, Fold them in half and glue one side down – leaves.
  • I haven’t added names here but you could add names on the branch under each family member to personalise it more.

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