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Paper Flower Wall Decal

It seems almost everyone is fascinated with paper flowers and I am too. This paper flower wall decal project is so easy and such a wonderful way to brighten up a room, window or party. I decided to make five flowers and used the colours I had available but obviously you may have a different colour scheme in mind so you can switch the colours up. I used five colours and interchanged them for the different elements, It seems to work nicely to tie them all together.

You will need:

  • Five colours of paper/cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

We’ll jump right in with this big pink flower. Draw a big flower shape with five petals, This does NOT need to be perfect unless of course you’re a perfectionist. Just get a rough shape and cut it out. I’m nowhere near a perfectionist and the things I make always seem to look better for it. You will need to cut two large circles, one with the middle cut out ( the orange piece below) and a small circle in a contrasting colour. To the large circle, in white, add six little stamens and glue them to the back of the circle.

Now you have all the pieces you need to make the flower, follow the images below and glue them together.

To make the stem just trim a small slice along the length of an A4 sheet of paper approximately 0.5cm wide. Cut four small teardrop shapes and four small hearts , Attach the teardrop shapes to the back of the stem pointing upwards and stick the hearts to the leaves. Once the stem is complete fix it at the top to the back of the flower.

This next flower is super cute, the cutting needs some patience. I used scissors but if you have a craft knife and self healing mat that would probably make your life easier. Copy out this shape and cut it out. To get the small circles for the tops of the flower, use a hole punch if you have one available. Then glue the tiny pieces to the tips of the plant.

Again, cut a stem from an A4 sheet, a slim piece from the length of the paper. Cut six leaves from two contrasting colours and stick them alternately along the stem. Attach the stem to the back of the flower head with glue.

I really like this weird little Kandinsky inspired flower. The most time consuming piece to draw and cut is the yellow shape so let’s get that out of the way first. Draw a large circle with a smaller circle inside. The space between these two lines is where you need to draw in the petals. When you have drawn petal shapes around the edge of the inner circle and up to the outer circle, all the way around then cut the shape out.

Next cut a white circle that will fit inside the centre of the yellow piece. Then cut two coloured rings that fit over this centre circle. Make one small circle to put in the centre of the flower and glue it all together in the same way as pictured below.

Cut out eight small heart shapes and glue them onto the back of the stem and attach the stem to the flower.

This two part flower is adorable, take some time drawing out the shape or just trace it from your screen. Cut it out along with the small flower head and stick them together. Cut a strip for the stem and two wavy leaf shapes. Glue the leaves to the stem and attach the stem to the long dangly central petal on the flower.

There are quite a few elements to this last flower but it’s worth it. Draw a ‘U’ shape and cut three triangles from the top. Cut a small heart and a slightly larger heart shape in a contrasting colour and cut four small circles. Glue all these elements together following the images below as a guide.

For the leaves cut two small egg shapes, two medium egg shapes and two large egg shapes from two contrasting colours of paper. Attach the small leaves near the top of the stem with the medium leaves below them and then attach the large leaves at the bottom, Stick the flower to the top of the stem. From blue paper, or whichever colour you choose punch twenty eight circles with a hole punch. Glue six to the large leaves, five to the medium leaves and three to each of the top set.

I hope you enjoy making this project and have fun with placing these beautiful flowers around your home. I’d love to see how yours turned out so please comment with your pictures.

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