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Easy DIY Constellation Art

I’m borderline obsessive when it comes to all things space. I love the constellations, the one in this tutorial is for the birth sign Gemini but you can use any constellation you wish. It’s a friends birthday soon and I wanted to make her something horoscope-y. I also wanted to do a tutorial that is beautiful and you can probably manage to do with stuff you have lying around. I did not spend a penny!

You will need:

  • A log, whatever size you like – I went for a 15cm diameter
  • A saw
  • Dark Blue/Black Paint
  • Copper Pins
  • Copper Wire or an old power cable
  • Paper & Pen
  • Hammer
  • A couple of hooks to hang on wall

Near my house is a small patch of woodland where the locals walk their dogs, some volunteers are always chopping down trees to keep the area in shape and I grabbed one and carted it home. I sliced off a piece with a saw about 1.5cm thick.

Mix up some blue paint with a dash of black to get this dark dark midnight blue. Give the slice of log a good thick coat and let it dry. The wood looks absolutely beautiful and makes the finished design ping if you don’t paint all the way to the edge – let that dry thoroughly.

Now I have no idea what all the constellations are and how they are configured so I just searched for the one I wanted – Gemini – in Google images and traced it straight from my laptop screen onto paper, It’ll be easier for you to get it in the position you like if you cut away the excess paper.

Place the drawn out and trimmed constellation exactly where you want it and start hammering the copper nails down about half way – you want about 1cm of nail above the surface. Alternatively you could use pretty pins if you have those to hand.

Once you have all the pins in place it’s time to join the stars together with copper wire, I’m using copper wire because I really like the way it gleams and lifts the whole project. You may not have a ready stash of copper wire to hand but I’ll bet you have an old power cable in a drawer somewhere. I took an old laptop cable and stripped off the rubber coating. You will find lots of very fine strands but if you just spend a minute twisting them together they work brilliantly.

Wrap a little of the wire around one pin to secure it and then weave around the other pins, following the lines on the paper beneath. You want to then weave your way back to the start, ensuring that there are two lengths of wire going between each pin. Again, following the lines. I had to redo this three times because I got a bit carried away and ended up with one head, six limbs. It pays to pay attention here. Learn from my mistakes. When you have got back to where you started wrap the wire around the pin a couple of times to secure it then cut away the excess.

You will need a way to hang the constellation art to the wall, you may have some fixings in a tool kit, Here I’ve attached a couple of eyelet screws and used the spare un-stripped wire to tie a loop between them.

Now all you have to do is carefully tear away the paper guide from the front of your design and hey presto! You have produced this lovely piece of Constellation wall art for your home or a treasured gift for a friend or loved one. I hope you enjoy making this craft project.

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