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6 Easy ways to add colour to white walls

I don’t know how it happened that all the walls of my home are white but I love it! I have an aversion to wallpaper, it’s a hassle to hang and when you get around to re-decorating it’s even more of a faff to remove. I really like the way white looks fresh and light all the time and is the perfect base for some prints and photos that have been collected along the way. I’ve gone down the road of having accent walls that just have a single block of colour but always end up repainting them white.

The only problem for me is that I love colour, everything in my life is colourful from the clothes I wear to the crafts I make on this blog. I’m going for it, I’m getting the paint and brushes out! You’ve probably come to this post because you are in the same position and want some inspiration. Here you’ll find some ideas to liven up your white walls and a few ideas are more temporary so you can have more colour in your life if you rent too. 🌈

This look really drew me in and look just great with all that light coming in the window. The idea of sitting on the edge of the bathtub looking down at all these different coloured paints and brushes and committing 100% to getting it all randomly onto the walls in a mixture of brushstrokes is thrilling. I say go for it.

Full article by Shelby Deering @hunker

This is perfect for me, keeping all the white walls and adding the accent colour around the trimmings. This is really striking, it’s like the London Underground got some daylight on a sunny day.

Read The Power of Color in Unexpected Places Article by Ingrid Fetell Lee @Theaestheticsofjoy

Ok, Cards on the table – this isn’t strictly DIY it’s a beautifully designed wall decal from Etsy seller KIINOO but I wanted to add it in here because how beautiful would this look in your kids room? I know! I think with a bit of patience this could be achieved with a steady-ish hand.

If you don’t trust your DIY skills and want to check out the lush products in KIINOO’s store, I recommend it, A favourite shop of mine 💛

This paper chain wall hanging is gorgeous. It’s like a little work of art. Hanging this up on your white walls would certainly add a bit of interest and I challenge you to tell me you can’t make this. It was only going to be a matter of time until the people at ‘the house that lars built came up with a way to turn an old Christmas craft into a piece of must have decor. I think I already have everything I need to make one… 🖐

Full Article by Brittany @thehousethatlarsbuilt

If you’re feeling really confident why not try your hand at a mural. I have way too many pictures to hang but if you have a big white wall that you want to make a real statement of this could be the way to go. I think this mural is stunning. This was painted by Audrey and guess what? She’d never attempted a project like this before.

Read the full article @sayyes

OK, it’s another wall decal. 41 Orchard make and sell a full range of confetti decals but I particularly like this hand drawn effect one. I’ve been researching gender neutral nurseries a fair amount lately and this would be great to use when you have a baby on the way and didn’t find out their sex or just hate the idea of going down the pink or blue route. If you want to jazz up a white wall quickly check out this handmade confetti decal at 41 Orchard.

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