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Health Heroes Cardboard Roll Craft

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  • Cardboard Rolls
  • Coloured Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

To make this Doctor with face mask cut a pink and a blue piece of paper half the depth of the roll and that is long enough to wrap all the way around. Stick the pink sheet to the roll first, this will form the doctors face, then glue the blue sheet to the bottom half. You can’t have a doctor without a stethoscope so I just drew one on here. and stuck a thin line of paper down the middle of his surgeons coat.

A doctor wouldn’t be able to help much without arms.. Go ahead and cut out a couple of arm shapes, leaving a bit of a paper tab on the back to attach them with glue. Cut out a little skull cap and a hair shape to stick under it, I’ve decorated the cap with a cross.

Stick the hair and cap to the cardboard roll. To make the ears I cut two little tabs and coloured in the ends as pictured, you should bend these in half and glue to the tube. For the eyes I used my hole punch to get two small circles but you could just use a marker for this.

There has been a lot of talk about PPE and this doctor has a face mask for protection. To make it just take a little diamond shape, crease it vertically and horizontally through the centre. Rather than elastic just attached a paper strip, the same size as the circumference of the tube, to the mask and slide it over the tube.

“Thanks so much to all the Doctors over the world who are doing their best to help us everyday” 🌈🌈🌈

Doctors are only as good as the nursing staff that support them so let’s make this adorable nurse.

Cut a piece of pink and a piece of white paper that will wrap all the way around the tube. Stick the pink piece down and then the white piece. The pink piece is the top and will become the nurse’s face. I’ve drawn a line in red marker down the centre of the uniform jacket and added a pocket watch.

Cut out the arms as above and add a little cuff detail with a marker pen. This nurse has really long hair so I put it up in a bun off her face and gave her bangs. Just cut out a simple shape and glue it into place. For the headpiece just cut out the shape as pictured and draw a small cross on it and glue the bottom edge to the tube.

I made the ears the same way as the doctors, go ahead and glue those in place. This nurse has to wear glasses to read all the patients charts because the writing is so small. Cut out a spectacle shape, this can be a bit fiddly but worth it. Attach the glasses to the tube with glue and then draw in the eyes or add two little cut out circles. One nurse ready for their shift!

“A massive thank you to all the Nurses and Healthcare workers who are carrying out their duties and risking their own health” 💕🌈💙

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