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Paper Plate Monster Gang

I had so much fun making these paper plate monsters. I’ve taken inspiration from the Monsters Inc. franchise because I just love those characters. The four I’ve stolen inspiration from here are Sully, Art, Mike and Squishy.

You will need:

  • Paper Plates
  • Coloured Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Poster Paints & Brushes

These tutorials are perfect for older kids who can be somewhat left to it and are happy putting things together, if your kids are bit younger you may just want to dispense with the cutting and sticking and just have them paint onto the plate, these designs work either way.

This little fella is inspired by Sulley from Monsters Inc. He’s an adorable character with fuzzy blue fur and purple patches. I always really liked the two fangs poking out from his mouth so have added them in here. I hope you enjoy making him as much as I did.

Firstly, Sulley is massive, he has a huge head so you’ll need to glue a two plates together, overlapping so it looks like a figure of eight. To give sully some hair I chopped into the top of the eight and then trimmed around to the bottom plate. For the arms and feet you just need two sausage shapes and two fat feet, cut these however you like and glue them to the back of the plate. Cut a couple of ears/horns out of paper and glue those either side of the hair. Paint the whole plate light blue and hang it up to dry…

Now for the fun part. For Sulley’s eyes you’ll need to cut two large white circles, two light blue small circles and two black and slightly smaller again circles. I snipped a little triangle from each of the pupils to add some drama! You can stick the eyes together as shown above. Using the same light blue, cut one nice big oval shape for the nose and a little crescent moon for the mouth. To make his little fangs just cut two small rounded triangles from white paper and stick them to the back of the mouth piece. Time to check if the paint has dried…

Yay… the paint has dried and you can start putting your monster together. Stick down all his features with a glue stick and add some spots of purple paint to his arms and legs.

He’s adorable 💙

This paper plate monster is based on the arch shaped purple furry dude with blue stripes – Art. He’s a philosophy major who has been to jail before so he’s quite a character and a bit of a joker to boot.

Getting the basic shape here is fairly simple, I just cut the middle from a second plate and then cut it into quarters, you’ll need to glue two of the quarters to the back of the plate to make an arch shape. Then just cut a couple of feet shapes and stick them to the bottom, paint the whole thing purple and hang it to dry. I’ve been really lucky with the weather so these plates were drying in no time when I pegged them up in the garden.

Most of Art’s face is taken up by his big grinning mouth. Take a piece of black, white and red paper stacked together and cut a sausage shape almost the whole width of the paper plate. This will give you three sausages. Put the black piece aside, cut the white piece in two, as above, and fold the red piece in half and cut the middle out. Next draw the teeth, with a pencil onto the two pieces of white paper and cut them out. Stick the teeth onto the black paper and then glue the red paper over the top, making sure it’s all lined up.

Art is a bit of a menacing comedy act so I’ve made his eyes orange, cut two large white discs, two small orange and two even smaller black discs. To give him a glint in his eyes I just took a couple of pieces of white paper from my hole punch. Stick these together as pictured. You’ll need to get the dried paper plate now.

Put the mouth in place with a glue stick and then the eyes. Art has this mad fur over his eyes, in the absence of actual fur you can cut a couple of pebble shaped pieces from blue paper to stick over the top of his eyes. Now all you have to do is add some rough blue stripes to his arms and legs and hang him back out to dry.

Just Art – He has no last name? 💜

This lovable little rogue is my play on the fearless and determined little monster who is room mates and best friends with Sulley. He’s a tiny green, one eyed romantic – Mike.

Mike is really easy to make, He only has one eye – that helps. Cut a couple of arms and legs and attach them to the plate, I’ve made mine quite short but make them long and gangly if you wish. I added a couple of horns to his head with yellow paper too. I drew a black outline around the plate and painted the inside green but skip this step by all means.

Once the plate is all dry we just need to add the details – Cut one large white circle, one slightly smaller bright blue circle and a smaller black circle and glue them together. I cut out a couple of little pink hearts for his cheeks but you can paint these on or add circles. Then all that’s needed is to add a smiley little mouth with a marker pen.

Mike Wazowski – Friend, Coach & Scarer 💚

This five eyed monster is based on Squishy. He’s a bit of a wide-eyed wanderer and is so sweet, shy and quiet. I love him OK

Squishy was really fun to make. He has a lot of eyes and a lot of eyebrows. You’ll need to cut out some shorts, arms and ears and stick them to the plate. Then draw a curved downward line across the plate. You are going to paint the top half, arms and ears a pinky colour and the bottom half and shorts green. Once that’s done let him dry while we start making all those eyes.

Cut five small white, five smaller blue and five tiny black discs from paper and glue them together as pictured above. You will need to cut three little eyebrows or draw them on with a marker if you prefer. I also cut a little pink mouth and heart shaped rosy cheeks. Use a glue stick to put all those in place. A finishing touch is to add a yellow OK to Squishy’s shorts that represents his Oozma Kappa fraternity.

The 100% huggable Scott ‘Squishy’ Squibbles 💚

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