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Make loads of pom pom’s

There are so many crafts you can make using pom pom’s. From lovely garlands to decorate your home ( This tutorial is part of a larger tutorial on garlands you can check out if you should check out) to pom pom pets for the kids and bobble’s for hats and Christmas tree’s.

You will need:

Yarn/Wool, Scissors and a chair

I’m going to walk you through this starting with how to make a lot of pom poms in one hit. I remember spending hours as a kid painstakingly wrapping thread round a piece of cardboard to make a pom.. Never again! I know there are fancy little plastic contraptions now that make it easier but I always use the loom method.

You will need something to wrap the yarn around. An upside down chair, table legs, I have this little stool that is the perfect size to make five or six pom poms at a time.

Just take the yarn and tie it to one leg and wrap it around the other leg. It’ll take a few minutes but just keep wrapping it around until you have used most of the yarn, This will give you nicely sized poms.

When you’re done with the wrapping tie off the end. Next we are going to divide the yarn. I do this by tying a piece of yarn around the middle, make sure you do this as tightly as possible or you’ll end up with a handful of wool rather than a perfect fluffy ball. Continue tying every couple of inches and then lift the bundle from the stool legs.

Voila… You end up with these really lovely little bundles.

All you have to do now is cut between where you have tied it, exactly in the middle. Do this in between each tie. At the ends you can cut through the loops so you don’t waste the end pom.

Roll the poms around in your hands to fluff them into balls. How easy was that? I just like to give each ball a little haircut now so it’s perfectly round. Now have fun with all your pompom projects and send me pictures, I want to know what you made.

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